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Greetings Reggae family firstly let us all take a moment and Give Thanks unto the Most High JAH Rastafari, Emperor Haile Selassie I as he reigns supreme and balanced with the Empress Menen I, as we realize how important Family is inna these times!. Thank you for visiting the site of the Ram Dance Ruler, cool and deadly, vocally paramount singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, uplifter, street philanthropist, the enigmatic archetype and last survivor of The Wailers; the HonoReble Bunny Wailer OM. As we the children try to cope with the passing of our beloved father, we continue to honor his name by preserving his Legacy. This site functions as a gathering where fans of Bunny Wailer, The Wailers, and the history of Reggae music as a whole can come together and discover more pieces to the puzzle! Let us embrace our OWN music history and culture of Jamaica, while viewing Rastafari and its local and global impact. Dive in to the deep catalogue of the Living Legend, watch a 30year throwback video from your favorite artist in the Archive, Want to learn more hands on schedule a trip to the museum? Whatever you chose to do just Enjoy Yourself. One Heart!

Jahb’s Note: Since the passing of my soul brothers Bob Marley in 1981 and Peter Tosh in 1987, for four decades I have singularly carried and championed their collective foundation and history that is physically and commercially derived from The Wailers Matrix of 1962-1974 while manifesting as they did my own solo ”Solomonic” pathway. Nuff Raspect to all the great musicians that I have worked with over the years in studio and on the road from Sly and Robbie, Roots Radics, Skatalites, Chinna Smith, to all members and past members of my Solomonic Orchestra outfit from then til now!. I can now not only reminisce of an illustrious career but look at the footage and listen the great music. Maximun Raspect to all the producers, promoters, disc jockey, sound selectors and all who assisted me to reach the people along my journey. And of course to the people who listen for positive vibrations, I am overwhelmed by your love, passion and overstanding. Now as a Rastafari Community Elder, my legacy is one that is horizontally measured by its integrity and guarded commercialization where I am often times undervalued by conventional markers, which now provides an incalculable wealth of authenticity, archival value, content and futuristic influence in the integration of intellectual property, recorded music & publishing.”

Soul Rebel featuring Bunny Wailer and Manu Chao | Song Around The World | Playing For Change