The Wailers’ Museum is located at 10 Darley Crescent, Washington Gardens Kingston 20, in a community re-known for musical landmarks including the studio of Bunny Striker Lee and Lee Scratch Perry. This is the original family home of Thaddeus Shut Livingston (father of “The Wailers”) transformed into Solomonic Productions during Bunny Wailer’s musical career and therefore a very popular site in the reggae music fraternity. Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Marcia Griffiths, Leroy Smart, Buju Banton, and many other artists, international and local press, and industry professionals have all had to visit this house in order to conduct business or leisure with Bunny Wailer more affectionately called “Jah B” or “Don Dada”. Here at “Jah B” visitors  would be assured to receive an earful of Wailers music, in-depth reasoning on Rastafari and The Wailers history, the finest Ganja, and occasionally one would get a divine dish cooked by the legend’s seasoned hands. So at this venture of converting Solomonic Productions into The Wailers’ Museum, we would like to uphold the same tradition by offering Information, A center for people to commune, a Herbal Hotspot, Musical playground, and a Health Food/Cafe  with the future addition of the Wailer’s Theater to exhibit the vast collection of footage and documentaries that Bunny Wailer has collected over his life thus far.

Unfortunately we are currently closed in practice of the social distancing agenda due to babylon’s COVID-19 virus. Self preservation comes first! Stay indoors, sanitize and wash your hands as often as possible to ensure our safety and passing through this Armagideon. We will will re-open once the times permit, until then be safe. Guidance